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Anniversary -可數名詞: a date that is remembered or celebrated because a special or notable event occurred on that date in a previous year 週年慶
▪the anniversaryof the invasion/attack

▪We are celebrating our fifth (wedding) anniversarythis year. = We are celebrating the fifth anniversaryof our wedding this year. 我們今年是在慶祝結婚五週年。

▪an anniversaryparty/celebration/dinner


gratitude 不可數名詞: a feeling of appreciation or thanks 感激
▪Let me express my sincere gratitudefor all your help.

▪We remember with gratitudethose who died defending our country. 我們用感激的心來懷念那些為了悍衛國家而犧牲的人

▪We owe them a debt of gratitude[=we should be grateful to them] for all the help they've given us.


Grateful意思跟gratitude是一樣的,只是詞性不一樣,當形容詞用。feeling or showing thanks
▪She was grateful(that) she didn't have to work on the holiday.

▪the grateful[=thankful] recipient of a new heart

▪The college sent us a gratefulacknowledgment of our donation.

: feeling or showing thanks to someone for some helpful act 對某人的幫助表示感激

▪I'm gratefulto you for your help.

▪He's gratefulfor the attention.

▪I'm grateful(to you) for this opportunity. = I'm gratefulto have this opportunity. = I'm gratefulthat I have this opportunity.

 ▪a gratefulsmile


Enthusiastic 形容詞-feeling or showing strong excitement about something : filled with or marked by enthusiasm 熱心的
▪They were enthusiasticsupporters of the president.

▪I'm not wildly enthusiasticabout your latest idea. 我對你近來的主意一點興趣都沒有。

▪They were less than enthusiastic. = They were far from enthusiastic. 一點都不熱心

▪She received an enthusiasticwelcome.


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