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eh 很好用喔


I beg your pardon 是 I am sorry (對不起),也可以解釋為 pardon me (excuse me),就是要對方再重複說一次剛剛說的話,或是要跟別人說借過一下,或是要取得別人的注意力的時候說的話(get other people’s attention)。在加拿大你只要說 ”eh” (發音就像A一樣,只是音調往上揚)就可以代替第一種用法,當然這是很俚語化的表達方式,是非常不正式,但是很可愛的用法,eh?這裡eh又變成了不是嗎?真有意思!


beg your pardon

The phrase I beg your pardon is used in polite speech to apologize when you have done something impolite or when you have made a mistake.

▪ I beg your pardon. [=sorry, excuse me] I didn't mean to bump into you like that.

▪ I beg your pardon. You're correct; the amount is 12 dollars.


It can be used to show that you are annoyed or offended by something that another person has said. 也可以用來表示你因為他人所說的話而被激怒

▪ A:“That boy isn't very bright.”

   B:“I beg your pardon! That's my son!”


It can also be used as a question when you have not heard or understood something clearly.

▪ I beg your pardon [=excuse me, sorry]? What did you say?

The shorter form beg pardon is also used informally this way. 也可以用beg pardon這種非正式表達法

▪ A: “He's been in Haiti for the past two months.”

   B: “Beg pardon? He's been in Hawaii?”

   A: “No, Haiti.”


Beg 動詞

1 : to ask people for money or food 乞討,不及物的用法

▪ A homeless man begs on that corner every day.

▪ children begging for food



▪ children begging strangers for food

▪ children begging food from strangers


2 a : to ask (someone) in a very serious and emotional way for something needed or wanted very much 乞求(某人)。以嚴重且又情緒化的方式來乞求某人給予自己非常需要的或是非常想要的事物

▪ He begged the doctor for medicine.

▪ He begged her for forgiveness. = He begged her to forgive him.

▪ She begged him to read the story again.

▪ I beg you to help them! = Help them, I beg you!


▪ “Help them!” I begged. 不加受詞,若要加受詞,先+ of

▪ 正式用法I beg of you to help them!

b : to ask for (something needed or wanted very much) in a very serious and emotional way 乞求某事,後面+ 受詞

 ▪ He got down on his knees and begged forgiveness. = He got down on his knees and begged to be forgiven. 他雙腿下跪,乞求諒解

▪ He begged that she would forgive him.

▪ begging a favor of someone 請求他人幫忙,後面沒有受詞

▪ He's too proud to beg.

▪ He begged for forgiveness.


3 of a dog : to sit up on the back legs with the front legs raised 專用於狗,用後腿站立,前腿抬高的方式乞討
▪ “Does your dog know any tricks?” “She knows how to beg.”


4 of a thing : to seem perfect for some purpose : to be very well suited for something用於事物,非常適合某種目的,後面用to + verb

▪ I couldn't resist cutting some of the flowers. They were just begging to be made into a bouquet.

▪ a scene begging to be photographed [=a scene that should be photographed]


beg, borrow, or/and steal 用任何的手段取得某事物

非正式的用法:to do whatever is necessary to get something that is wanted or needed
▪ We'll have to beg, borrow, or steal the extra chairs we need for the party.


beg to differ

:to politely disagree with someone 有禮貌地不同意他人的看法
▪ You say that the candidates are essentially the same, but I beg to differ. [=I do not agree]

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