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週一, 15 十月 2012 22:45

有坑有洞的Swiss Cheese


我雖然已經在加拿大呆了17年了,我還是覺得自己的英文不夠好,還是像Swiss Cheese 一樣的有坑有洞。據我的觀察,每一個ESL學員的英文,多多少少都會有坑洞。總之也是學不完的啦!

Smile makes me feel good. 應該寫成 Smiling makes me feel good. 因為smile本身是動詞,不可以當名詞,必須把它給改成動名詞smiling,才可以當名詞用,拿來當主詞。

Screaming makes me feel better.

Receiving gifts always brings a smile to my face.


what people should do is finding out their own competitive advantages……. 寫這句話的主人很有深度。這是一個句型What people (you, he, we, they…..) should do is to + 原形動詞

What you should do is to buy a new watch so you can keep track of the time.


All you have to do is to ask for what you want.

All you have to do is to apologize.

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