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“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone. ”一Audrey Hepburn


前天電視上放映一齣世界級的影片-窈窕淑女( My Fair Lady),是由我唯一仰慕的銀幕明星奧黛莉赫本(Audrey Hepburn)所主演的。故事是關於一個在倫敦東區的賣花女,為了改掉她的低階層的英文口音,為了進身高級社會地位而接受語音學教授的調教,日以繼夜的練習最基本的字母發音、、、、、


只有走過這條路的人,才能體會Audrey Hepburn為了達到目標所受的辛酸!她也曾經想要放棄,她也挫折重重,但是因為她的堅持,她終於擠身上流社會,與公爵貴族同起同座。




Poise 不可數名詞

1 : a calm, confident manner 冷靜自信
▪ She kept her poise even when under attack.

 ▪ He behaved with poise and dignity.


2 : a graceful way of walking, moving, standing, etc. 優雅的步調,舉止
▪ Strength and flexibility are important for good poise and posture.

▪ a dancer of great poise and grace



to hold (something) in a balanced and steady position 均衡地把某物穩穩地握著
▪She poisedher pencil above the paper and waited for the signal to begin writing.


Thank you for inspiring me, Audrey.  Even though I never had the honour to meet you, I know we are one.

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